Jackie CHABANAIS Acrobat on 4, 3, 2 and 1 Wheel !!!




One of the specialties of Jackie CHABANAIS, this is the Side Car. In 1982, when he has begun the spectacles, he was 2° to the France Championship  of Side-Car Trial. His first demonstration was in Rennes in November 82, while the Trial Bike Indoor in front of 2500 persons. The acrobatics were very appreciated and very warm applause. Jackie CHABANAIS and Marc MAYOUX, his passenger, keep on the demonstrations and the training to find again acrobatics.

The Trial had given him the feeling for the balance, the Side Car gives him the love of the Spectacle.






2° France Championship of  Trial 1982

Jackie CHABANAIS will show you all that he knows to do with his Trial Side Car.

 First alone, he'll do it to roll in all styles.

Burn Out. Skids.

The 3 manners to roll on 2 wheels: The basket in the air. When the Rear Wheel stands up. To buck with the front Wheel that verge on the head of visitors.

With Jackie, the Side-Car becomes a toy. Between his hands, the clutch and the brakes are of an extème precision . The rear wheel will obey to the game of the accelerator and brake.

And the public participate, between 7 and 77 years. Sometimes less... Sometimes more...

In the basket or under, for the passenger, the adventure begin.