Jackie CHABANAIS Acrobat on 4, 3, 2 and 1 Wheel !!!



Jackie CHABANAIS possesses many vehicles, all very different. What allows for him to vary his spectacle according to the public and proposed location

With his Quad, his Side Car, his Mini Moto, his Monocycle, his Tractowheel and his delirious Bicycles. All is possible.

Below some technical elements on his spectacle. You'll discover also the Tv Shows and the other events to which ones he has participated

And why not at your place soon?

Jackie CHABANAIS will use during more of an hour the Quad, the Side Car, the Mini Bike, the Monocycle, the Tractowheel and two delirious Bicycles . This will be a Festival of acrobatics and of Humour. Without stop, a lot of acrobatics will succeed. No dead time for the vehicles and for the acrobat that will keep always his smile, even during the most perilous moments. 

The program is not stationary. Jackie worships to improvise. His Imagination is overflowing. He has a great  feeling of balance and Gag. His Humour is in acrobatics but also in the commentaries as Jackie distill in his micro H.F. For the biggest pleasure of the Public!

Jackie CHABANAIS can evolve in the streets or in the avenues of your évent, in the middle of the public. Principally with Delirious Bicycles and Monocycle. If the density of the public and the width of avenues permits it, the Side Car, the Quad and the Tractowheel are able be used.

If so, not any precise program. The objective Jackie is to surprise the Public where is it. This organization has the advantage: to satisfy the expositions and the public while being near them, and to do them a participation.


  • Evolution aéra: about 20 X 30 meters or a road of 5 X 60 meters.
  • On all the lands he can evolve: tar, earth, grass, ice...
  • Lasted: 1 hour, variable according to the public. Possibility one interval.
  • The sonorisation can be furnished. The commentaries are assured by Jackie CHABANAIS with his micro H.F. while driving his vehicles.
  • The artist furnishes posters 40 X 60 cm (to see opposite).
  • The artist possess a civil responsibility insurance spectacle whish cover him for his animations.



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    On TOUR de FRANCE  since   1996   with   "COEUR de LION"     The OFFICIAL ANIMATION

Passages TV always very pointed out

Jackie CHABANAIS is passed on all big national TV 

  • TF1"L'OR à l'APPEL" with Vincent LAGAF , "LE DISNEY CLUB"

  • FRANCE 2: "Le Clin d'Oeil Météo" with Laurent CABROL, "QUI EST QUI" with Marie Ange NARDY, "VIVEMENT DIMANCHE" with Michel DRUCKER

  • FRANCE 3: "ZAPPER n'est pas JOUER" et "La FIEVRE de l'APRES MIDI"  with Vincent PERROT, "Une PECHE d'ENFER" with Pascal SANCHEZ, "Je PASSE à la TELE" with Georges BELLER, "40° à l'OMBRE" with Vincent PERROT, Guy LECRUYSE, MARIE Ange NARDY, Thierry BECCARO

  • M 6: "BI6CLETTE"

  • En 2002

  • "Tous au Club" sur France 2

  • "Fallait y penser" sur France 3

  • "L'Emission des Records" sur TF1


  • On TOUR de FRANCE since 1996, Jackie CHABANAIS is very often filmed for news that are broadcast on the French TV and of innumerable international TV. The TOUR de FRANCE is the 3° BIGGEST EVENT OF THE WORLD. And the TWO OTHERS ARE ONLY EVERY 4 YEARS.

On France 2 in TV Show


with Michel DRUCKER 

guest: Pierre BELLEMARE

In Studio Gabriel, in 99, Show with Side-Car, Monowheel and Tractowhee

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More than 1000 SHOWS through the WORLD:





Show Auto Moto: Bordeaux 82 83 85 86. Val d'Isère 87. Luxembourg 89 Grand Prix d'Europe Camion: Dijon 89 92 97. Grand Prix de France Moto: Vitesse Le Mans 94 95, Le Castellet 96. Side Car Cross: Cussac 87, Ernée 97, Baugé 98. Chpt de France Super Cross: La Tremblade 99. Master Cross: Milan, Monaco. 12 Heures de Quad: Pont de Vaux 89 90 91 92 94 95. Chpt d'Europe Karting: Salbris. Eurocup Tracteur-Pulling: Waldighofen 2001. Chpt de France Tracteur Pulling: Oraison 98 2001, Bernay 2002

TOUR DE FRANCE cycliste: 96 97 98 99 2000 2001 2002

Grand Prix Cycliste du MIDI LIBRE 95  96  2002. Six Jours Cycliste de Grenoble 91. Foire Exposition: Charleville Mezières 89 94 97. Sisteron 90 92. Limoges 88. Le Mans 92 93. Feurs 98. Annonay 91 94. La Rochelle 98 2002 MIEL VERT 2000: Le Tampon (ile de la Réunion). Tour d'Espagne Cycliste 2001.

His Great Avdenture with Alain PRIEUR: OUAGADOUGOU 86, Alain jumps without parachute. St NIZIER 88, Alain beats the Jump World Record with his Motocycle SISTERON  24 Hours on 2 Wheels in car: In every time, Alain asked Jackie to make a show around his stunts.