Jackie CHABANAIS Acrobat on 4, 3, 2 and 1 Wheel !!!



In 1986, Jackie CHABANAIS buys his first Quad. He wants to add this vehicle in his spectacle. These motos with 4 wheels are new on the market. They will be therefore new in acrobatics, and this is exactly what pleases Jackie. Create again acrobatics.

Wheellings, Side Wheels, Front Wheels.

And, there is the place to take passengers, even several at the same time.

We were 4 at the start.

 When we arrived also, but not all on the Quad.


All can arrive!

Even the fall.

And if it was foreseen!!!

The Quad of Jackie weigh 170 Kg, but he handles it as a toy.

His big pleasure: to have succeeded to do Reverse Weellings , even with a passenger to horse in front of. The bikers don’t believe their eyes!!!

With his micro H.F., Jackie will comment on his exploits, explain how he has learn.

He will do you to live in live the reactions of his passengers. The muscles tense up, the cries burst out. And all finishes in a big brightness to laugh general.