Jackie CHABANAIS Acrobat on 4, 3, 2 and 1 Wheel !!!



Jackie CHABANAIS is really an original artist. 

After having attempted and succeeded acrobatics with his Quad, his Side Car and his Mini Bike, he wanted be the first to realize a spectacle with 4, 3, 2 and 1 wheel motorised. It was necessary for him to construct a unique vehicle with an only wheel. His imagination was overflowing. The vehicle would have the following form: a wheel Quad, a motor 80 cc, a saddle, an home made framework to link up all and a télécommande to check all that.

A handlebar, when it hasn’t front wheel, this isn’t useful.

Discover this vehicle UNIQUE TO THE WORLD.

The Semi Marathon of CHAVELOT (France) in 1996  on MONOCYCLE: 21, 975 Km in 1 H 2 mn 20 sec.

Jackie CHABANAIS is really a persevered artist.

After three months for the construction with his friend Marc MAYOUX., some nights without sleep to look for the solutions to the problems, the first experiment on road will was the day of Christmas 1989. Three months of excessive trainings, three hours a day in average all the days and during three months, to succeed to roll some balance 200 meters once on five. The remainder of the day was consecrated to perfect the machine.


The Monocycle, this is the most difficult vehicle than Jackie have had to drive.

In his spectacle, jackie will mime its beginnings, will show the exceptional maneuverability of this vehicle and if the land allows it, the side "all land".


Motor 80 cc to 3 Speeds

Transmission by chain

Brake by the right foot

Accelerator by right hand

Weight 47 Kg

.Speed Max to debate...