Jackie CHABANAIS Acrobat on 4, 3, 2 and 1 Wheel !!!



I participate since 1996 with COEUR de LION to the TOUR de FRANCE Cyclist.

A WORLD-WIDE EVENT, to which one I have the big pleasure to participate.

Since 5 Years, I live the month of July to the rhythm of TOUR DE FRANCE. All the days, I must base myself on the schedules race to program my day. In the morning, the awakening. 1 hour after: departure of the hotel. Trip Hotel- City Departure. Arrived to the "Town Departure" that remain open during three hours, even at the start of the racers

My job is to animate the Village Departure and its "inhabitants". The numerous partners welcome there their guests. I am there to distract them with Crasy Bicycles. This is rare that their first attempts be conclusive. the laughs burst out. The buddies come to help, hold the saddle or the substitutes to the handlebar. A good moment of giggles, a very friendly moment. Then comes the moment that I must show my Acrobatics and gags well on. 

In front of the podium FIAT, there or the racers come to sign the leaf road, I do a short passage. My big complicity with many persons of the TOUR has allowed this year to trap Daniel MANGEAS and to bring up him on my Spring Bicycle . This is remained a big moment for the spectators present, that day, in front of the podium.

20 minutes before the departure of racers, the bell resounds in the Town. "The whole front press must rejoin its vehicles". And me also, with my bicycle I rejoin my van and the "Arrived City".

After several hours of conduit, here is the arrival. The advertising caravan pass in a half hour. I intervene around the finish line with a bicycle and a motor vehicle (in 2000, I had the Quad and the Bikewheel). During 10 to 20 minutes, I have access to a beautiful upright line to express me fully in acrobatics: weellings, loopings etc...

The caravan arrive, I await the team COEUR de LION at the derivation and I escort the advertising vehicles to the end of the finish line.

The day is not finished. It's necessary to rejoin the hotel after having verified equipment, fills up of fuel and wash the van if need. The meal with all the team COEUR DE LION and a short night to recover and set off again for the following step. 

The adventure is beautiful, magic and human very strong.


Even in stand, the Spring Bicycle  intrigues. With me, it folds up. Under the entertained look of Raymond POULIDOR, John François PESCHEUX assist a friend to start up 



In LIMOGES, escorting vehicles "Coeur de Lion", gags with the spectators and the followers



With ARNAUD: a small acrobatic delirium.


An escaped only man on the Champs Elysées

The acrobat "COEUR DE LION" followed by advertising caravan. Impressive!!! And so rare...